Summer Garden


As you can see we’re (and I mean the family) gonna have a garden this summer because while its not that spending to buy vegetables and what not, they feel spending a crap load of money now will save us over the summer. To each their own.

The Projects Page


So today I finally got some time on the computer after working from 5am to noon, which isn’t a bad shift but it really can be when you’re tired. Anyways, today I posted up the projects page. What is it you might ask? Well basically it’s a list of every website I’ve ever run, even […]

Everything changes


Today I’m sending this as a new day, for the first time I’m gonna relax and just enjoy what I have. For a long time I’ve worried over how to setup my websites to not only write good content but make some income too. I should have seen it when I started running Majin Planet. […]

Everything Wrong with Super Megaforce

Super Megaforce

So Power Rangers Super MegaForce has had six full episodes released now and I have to say, while I haven’t watched episode 6 yet, I’m really disappointed with this season. First off this is not a review or in any way a rant about the show, I wanted to simply point out some things I […]

Heroes Reborn


I remember when Heroes first aired on the TV in 2006, to be honest with you I wasn’t that all into it. I never was into TV shows that much back in those days and honestly still aren’t but it was about 2 or so years later, in the middle of the 3rd season I […]