Transformation stories

There are several different types of blogs out there. After all anybody today can start a blog about anything they want to. The range of topics can go from weight loss, cooking, sports, personal, and Motorsports. Out of those are just some of the kinds of blog you can start-up. As I’ve talk about before, you can even start a blog about bowling pins. Probably the most popular blog are transformation blogs.

What are transformation blogs?
Basically a transformation blog is a blog about somebody who makes a change in their life. The most common ones are weight loss. However there can be lifestyle changes or personal changes. Changes can range from: weight loss, diet changes, moving, even family. 9 out of 10 times when someone starts a transformation blog, they end up getting large number of hits. After all everyone loves to read about how to change their lives, lose weight and more but not many people really go out there and do it.

That’s the big draw for a transformation blog and you have to remember one thing when you start your blog. There are two things you need to think of before you start and it’s even more important than what your niche is going to be. Will this blog be about making money or not?

Make Money or No
The biggest issues I personally have had over the years are what path I should take. Clearly if you’re going into blogging to make money you’re going to almost always fail. Such as I have, and this is because you spend more time trying to find ways to make the money to get the traffic, to have that perfect looking layout to draw in sales that you miss the most important part; content.

Content is your friend and without writing good content you’ll basically have nothing but a fancy layout. If you go into a transformation blog thinking you can write something up about losing weight, show some pictures of it and poof you’ll make money well you’re wrong. Not every kind of blog is design to make money or at least not right away. Granted you can make some money with a blog about losing weight and your path to losing say 100 lbs, but to be honest most people will enjoy the content than the ads all over the place.

Personally I’ve always wanted to start a transformation blog because I believe it’s the best kind of blog out there given it’s not only cool to see how someone else changes their lives but it does inspire you to do the same. I personally am on my own path of transformation and in a little way this blog is about such change as those changes affect my life and writing on this blog. In time we’ll all find out way and remember whatever you choose, choose from the heart.


The Biggest Loser Thoughts

I’m not a big fan of the Biggest Loser and honestly I didn’t see the final episode of season 15, but I’ve read the articles, I’ve seen the tweets about it. So given I have watched past seasons, I myself am overweight so you would think I’d be a prime target for the show.

I won’t go into much detail about the final episode and yes it’s true I do find it gross that Rachel went from 206lbs to 105lbs in 14 some weeks. A quick Google search and you’ll find all about the shocking reveal.

Why is it such a big deal?
Well for starters the biggest loser promotes bad eating habits, it is normal for someone overweight to lose a huge chunk of weight when you start.

I weight 405lbs and I started walking everyday and started working I lost 40lbs in a month. Now look at Biggest Loser and every week they lose 5-15lbs every week. The bigger ones lose more, each week what the hell; that’s not healthy that’s fasting, that starving yourself.

I’m shocked that they even let this girl Rachel even on the show, she was overweight, I’m not debating that however from what I read and I did see one episode this girl could very easily could have lost the weight on her own.

She didn’t need the show to do this but even still what she did, what they made the other did is not healthy and seriously dangerous to be lending it as a choice of health. I wouldn’t like to fast like that and then just gain it all back once I go back to normal life.

No way I could workout four hours a day and diet to the extreme that they do and get yelled at for not losing enough weight. It’s disgusting they turn it into a game, weight loss is very serious and shouldn’t be made into what it’s becoming.


Naruto 663 Review

I haven’t written about Naruto in ages it seems, heck I haven’t even watches it in a while, pretty sure I’m behind four episodes now. Anyways I just read the latest chapter that came out, Naruro manga chapter 663 was amazing.

First I want to say that Madara becoming the Sage of six paths was really sick. Honestly I felt that they rushed his transformation but also do we want another repeat of it given we already saw this with Obito?

To answer that no we as the reader don’t and I saw this coming a while ago that at some point Naruto would get the other half of Kurama. So it looks like Naruto is on the edge of death and what is left for them to do? Honestly I hope they have a really good reason that they beat Maddra because right now he’s pretty much a god.

Seeing Orochimaru do something to help out was pretty cool. I’m sure that well see more to come. I’m thrilled that we’re getting closed to the end, I really can’t wait to see how this ends.

Sakura doing all she can to save Naruto, Gaara helping Naruto, its by far one of the better manga chapters I’ve read in a while.

The chapter ended with Sasuke seeing a shadowy figure, who is even left? Kabuto or maybe Captain Yamato. Either of them I don’t see them doing anything that impressive.


Ghost Adventures Is it Faked?

I’m a huge fan of Ghost Adventures and I remember watching way before Ghost hunting was so wildly known. Believe it or not there was a time that the topic of talking to spirits, EVPs, EMF and the Ghost Box, etc weren’t something in general conversations.

Today we have a load of Ghost hunting shows and paranormal shows ranging from everything from very silly over the top shows like The Dead Files, to down right fake and setups like paranormal State.

Then you have Ghost Adventures, a show visiting the most haunted places in the world. Now it’s not the only show that heads to the most haunted places, the difference here is they are just 3 guys and they do all the filming.

In each episode they state they do not have a big camera crew following them in the intros a d I do believe this. The question is are what they see and hear real or simple setups to the show?

You can question this because you can only see what we’re shown and because they are going into these places alone at night what they call lockdown. They could very easily setup for things to happen. Plus there is always post editing and special effects.

Do I believe that they cheat? I don’t because there are episodes were nothing happens and some were a crap load happens. Shows like Paranormal State that had something happen every episode makes you wonder. I believe these guys are out to uncover the truth and not just ratings.

Maybe that’s why out of all the shows that’s come over the years they have lasted. Even a show like Ghost Lab which I enjoyed for how they showed the process of hunting ghosts, I can see why it only lasted 2 seasons.

So the question, is what is shown on Ghost Adventures real or another Hollywood stage? I can personally tell you that I’ve seen things I can’t explain so when I see things on there I believe.


Understanding Burnout and Data

With the weekend past us now, I find myself almost pushing myself a little too much. I outline a list of post that I want to write, mostly just ideas, headlines like oh this would make a good title for an entry here for this. I almost find myself putting myself on a schedule was a bad idea.

One of the things I’ve been sort of checking out and following is Google Analytic, and now base on the data, which has collected data this whole year, now today says my traffic is up by 16.76%. Where as when I login in a week ago it said it was pretty much down by 8% or so. You might ask yourself; “How does this matter? Didn’t you say content is what matters?” Yes.. That is what I said, content is king and will always be king. However, you need to understand where your traffic is going.

Understanding Why

Looking at things simply base not on numbers but how the traffic data itself reacts to what I’m posting each day, really tells one more than just looking at big numbers. When I review the data, it showed that I was down from the start of the year, where I was posting something everyday, even if they where mindless funny videos that didn’t matter. Something like this tells me what I should post, when I should post it and if my posts are too long or not long enough.

If I see that a comic book review I posted got a lot of hits then that might be something I want to write. When your dealing with a blog that appears to have zero readers, you run the risk of losing your passion. Which is what happen before, that was why I went from posting every day, to every other day to 2 almost 3 months of nothing. I lost my passion, if no one is commenting that is one thing. I know I’ve read a number of articles online but never find myself having to post them.

The Data

But as you can see, if no one is posting, how do you know anyone is reading it. How do you know if what your writing has meaning to anyone, if you stop posting will anyone care? That is where the data comes in, that is where it’s helpful. Like for some examples here:

The first image from my Google Analytic shows you that I got 20 visits that day. Meaning 20 unique entries (not counting myself) see the site that day. Not to go into too much details of where those hits went and the page views, what is important to note here is on November 8th I posted Making Gold with Cooking, which is a World of Warcraft entry for gaming. If you look below in the next image;

A few days later, November 10th as you can see the bar goes way up to 41 visitors, that entry was; Season 10 PVP Ends; To Do List Patch 4.3 Another World of Warcraft entry and what makes this one different is its more up to date news and some thoughts about the game, that was just broke the day before. Over just reporting the info I gave a link to it and then spoke what I was doing.

Looking at these two charts might tell me that I’m feeding in a more World of Warcraft viewership and that means no one is reading anything else. It could mean also that I’ve confused a number of people on what this sites about. Many blogs focus on one thing, where mine focus on a number of subjects.

I find that I want to talk to you, not just give you information. I enjoy movies, I have strong opinions about them. I love video games and want to share with you things I do when I play games. I love to randomly talk about things as I am now and I love to write. And as you can guess, I love web design. I did try to make a blog for each of these subjects, but not only was in more added work I felt it wasn’t worth trying to break up my already thin fan base that I was already losing to start with.

When you look at things from another point of view, it’s very easy to really understand why I got burned out, why I stop posting and why now I feel like I need to post now again. The real test is still to come, I have a good number of things I want to post and the main thing is I’m gonna be staying away from posting about World of Warcraft here, I find that I posted far too much about that and this is NOT a WoW blog. There is a reason I made, Warcraft Focus Center.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your thoughts are, I’d love to head them.