Welcome to Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Hey everyone, today I want to talk about Clash of Clans, in case you have no idea what Clash of Clans is, well it's a mobile game where you build a base, level it up, create minions to fight other players or the goblins in single player mode to earn loot, to which you can earn big rewards if you do … [Read more...]

The WOW Token


Its been a few months since I've written any content about World of Warcraft and the first written after the merger of Hunter Mastery to Majin Planet. So shall we get to the subject at hand; WoW Tokens. To get started in a nut shell the token is an in-game item that you can buy from the Blizzard … [Read more...]

Rogue Arena Stats – Hearthtracker


Hey everyone, Richard here with a quick little update. I've been playing more and more hearthstone and less World of Warcraft. In fact I do believe that my game time expires in about 50 hours from the time of this writing. Today I'm going to share with you some small stats as well as a pretty cool … [Read more...]

Molten Deck Warlock vs Hunter


So for Christmas, I got 40 packs of cards of my choice, I decided because I didn't have many more rare cards of classic that I'd buy those. In the middle of opening packs I pulled a golden Lord Jaraxxus. Some people might say Lord Jaraxxus isn't that great. First it does limit your life to 15 so … [Read more...]

Opening 60 Heartstone Packs of Classic


This has been something I've seen a few people do and it seemed to be something rather cool people liked to watch. Honestly doing a video simply on opening Hearthstone packs seemed a bit silly to me but I figure that it had some flair to it. After doing it once myself, I have to admit it was pretty … [Read more...]

Hearthstone: Beasts! (GvG Gameplay)


So I've had a few versions of the hunter deck theme I call Beasts. The idea is to build around the beast theme. This deck doesn't run the Undertaker deathrattle combo and focus 100% on beasts. It does run 1 Starving Buzzard and 1 Unleash the Hounds which is the old card draw combo that every hunter … [Read more...]

Hearthstone on Android


The news broke a few days ago, and I've stated it time and time again, I'm not one to flood my blog with news unless I have something personal to write about it and not just, here is the news. That being said, Hearthstone on Android! I'm thrilled that we finally have Hearthstone on Android, this … [Read more...]

Argi Contest Update


Hey everyone, been rather busy with personal stuff as well as playing the games and trying to find a balance between the games I enjoy. For example on Black Friday I got the expansion pack for Diablo 3 and I haven't login to play it once yet. So anyways, it getting pretty close to buying those pets … [Read more...]