Blogging Future


Hello everyone, it's been a odd month really for me when it comes to posting new content on the blog. Much as changed, I've been playing mostly Heroes of the Storm, which I'm loving and Hearthstone. As of this writing I'm rank 19 which for me I think it pretty cool. I've been working more on those … [Read more...]

Hello world!


Welcome, as with any new install of WordPress, there is always that first post called hello world that must be made. Well as you might be wondering, what is this Hunter Mastery? If you've come here from Twitter or maybe you made your way over from However way you reach here, I'm … [Read more...]

A Look Inside Pro Wrestling School


If you haven't heard yet and this is your first time hearing about it then, you're in luck. I want to share something pretty amazing with all the Majin Planet Followers, readers and anyone who happens to past this post. Our former webmaster, friend and fellow evil follower, Prince Majin Trunks is … [Read more...]

What’s up?


Hey everyone I haven't posted in a really long time. I think the last thing I posted on Twitter was that I was gonna be putting up Fuze's music videos that existed once on Majin Planet. Well that still hasn't happen sadly because I'll be honest I've been busy and sort of forgot about Majin … [Read more...]

Retiring Officially


If you've been following me on my Twitter account then you're already more than aware that I announced officially (for real this time) that I'm retiring from playing World of Warcraft and with that comes blogging about it. I've enjoyed playing these last 5+ years. I've met some amazing people and … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4


A few weeks ago I finally upgraded my old, outdated blackberry for an Samsung Galaxy s4, a and let me tell you I'm happy as hell. In fact this very post was drafted right off the phone itself. I'm going to keep this short as this is a more first impression than a full review of the device, while … [Read more...]

Majin Trunks Music Videos Online


Today is a bit of a late posts as all of Majin Trunks' music videos were online last night and you ca view them all from the website here or on our YouTube Channel. I'm working to get all the music videos online and also working to get some new content and the community forums back going. They are … [Read more...]