Rebuilding a Community

001 community Rebuilding a Community
I sort of am flip on this topic and I’m sure this wont be the last time I’ll write something like this. Over the week I ran across someone who decided it was a great idea to take what they had created and restart it as something else.

Now I’m not here to name names, and I’m using it simply as an example of what I want to talk about today, that is simply rebuilding a community. This can go hand in hand in what I saw happen to a site that I generally enjoy reading and my own site, Majin Planet.

Let’s face the facts, change sucks, no one likes it but sometimes change is good. In my example I saw website A, basically website A wants to move to a new domain name, this can be a number of reasons why, the fact is they feel they could do better with the new more clean domain name.

This has been said time in and time again, is cleaning better? The most important part of a website is the content, I don’t care what anyone says. Yes a website can be ugly and there for making the site hard to read, making the content no matter how good useless. Check out Web Pages that Suck, been following them for years.

All I’m saying here is, that changing your domain name simply to make things easier for yourself isn’t always a good thing. Your going to have readers who hate it, they will leave. The question is do you care? What happens if those people know you don’t care.. well you lose more readers.

I think, and this is just me, if you have a good site, no matter how you go about changing things, people will find it, there is no question about it. If you write fantastic content, people will find it, you can’t make everyone happy and some people will be down right butt hurt over it.

So then the question is.. like in my case.. how do you rebuild a dead community? In this case, I’m talking about Majin Planet for those of you who don’t know Majin Planet is and was a Dragon Ball Anime Music Video fan site. Sure it’s been many different things before.. but in the end that is what it was and that is what I’ve been over a year or now two been transforming the site into. I’ve gone through like 4 total redesigns and one couldn’t be helped because I lost the data. Fact is, I ask myself is it worth it?

Sometimes a community simply needs to go away and that the fans who use to and many still do want it to die because sometimes.. beating a dead horse to milk it for more.. just hurts and ruins what it was more. I could name a few things.. but nothing really comes to mind as a good example of this. So that is why.. I’ve decided that maybe it’s not best to try to make something new when clearly what I had works even today. I took a look at traffic and Majin Planet, even know I haven’t done one thing and lot of things have broken over the years, YouTube Videos been removed, page links disappear, sites go down lending to dead links all with the broken age that the design, code has now it still.. still does better monthly page views than this site and I’ve been actively doing stuff for this site.

That spoke to me and that is why, I’m not redesigning Majin Planet… I’m keeping the same layout, I’m just converting it over to my current set-up using WordPress. My coding skills where great back in the day when I use to run everything from Invision Power Board, back when I actively coded, back when I was semi-good at it. Today not so much with the new HTML 5 I’m really behind and I feel like I don’t really know what makes a good website anymore, are my ideals of content is King still there?

Let me know what you think, leave me a comment down below. I want to hear from the surfers, people who just visit a website for entertainment, for information, to the webmasters and admits out there. The people who run, build and design sites. What about you? What are you views on this?