The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

So the new The Amazing Spider-Man full trailer has been released and I must say that the movie sort of looks like it’ll be a good popcorn flick… and nothing more. Seriously I’m still sort of in this mind state shock that they are ‘rebooting’ the Spider-Man movies so soon. I mean normally it’s a good ten plus years before they do something like this.

One of the more reasons for me to sort of not care of the movie is that I know Sony is only pushing to do this because well seeing how the last one went, no one really is gonna want to see what comes next in that movie universe. Even if they where to recast roles. The sad point to this is why they held off doing a spider-man 4 and 5 to start with. One word; Marvel.

If they don’t keep making them within a set timeline of years, the rights revert back to the owners, in this case Marvel. In the past it wasn’t a big deal, now it is because Marvel makes their own movies now. This is why we’re getting a Fantasy Four Reboot too so soon after just two movies.

You wonder why they bother, watching the trailer, yeah it’s pretty epic.. yeah I kind of like some of the way they did some things, but in the end it’ll be the same thing, I’m super tired of them taking off the hero’s masks to give the actors ‘face time’ Or whatever the reasons are, it’s stupid and seriously leave the mask on. When I got to a movie, I go to see the characters there, yeah it’s all great you can play and look and I believe you said character when he’s not in his suit, but if the suit covers the face, I want to see that not your face.

There are a number of scenes shown already where either he himself or someone removes his mask. There is even a small part where he is being attacked by the SWAT Team, where they pull his mask off and he starts to fight to get away form them, which is silly because it’s Spider-Man and SWAT shouldn’t be able to pin him down to do that (that is unless something in the story prevents him and causes him to ‘give up’ or ‘turn himself in’) They seem to have taken a new turn on things here and maybe while some think they are following the comics closer.. I doubt it.

If nothing short it simply looks like one crazy ride and nothing more than that. I’m not say it’ll be a bad movie and likely will make a whole lot of money and I’m sure it’ll “break” the first ones weekend take in (even know ticket prices are way higher than they where in 2002). You might ask me why I say this doesn’t follow the comics as close as people are hoping for. Well there are a number of things they say and do in the trailer. The first one is the whole Hero creating the bad guy issue All the old Batman movies had this issue, most comic book and ‘hero’ movies have this where the hero some how creates the villain he must now stop. When in most cases in the comics is rarely the case. Such as a shot in the trailer when they say, I created him.. So they are going off the whole Spider-Man/Peter Parker ‘created’ the Lizard? No just no.


Super Bowl 2012 We Have a Hulk!

I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of the Super Bowl, in fact I would have to go out and say that I’m totally not and I didn’t even watch the game (nor did I even know it was Super Bowl Weekend this last Sunday) with that being said the one thing I generally DO like about the Super Bowl are the funny ads they play.

Past Super Bowls I would have watched them simply for that, but in the last few years you simply can find them online at YouTube. So you might guess, last night I found out Super Bowl was going on. I watched a few ads and some trainers that played.. the one that cough my eye was the one for The Avengers.

As you may or may not know about the Avengers, the movie is a first of its kind. You have Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America. Each movies base on those characters, and now we have the Avengers which is a movie bring them together. Same Actors (mostly, Hulk was Recast) and universe there for you get a real feel. Other then having all those movies and the Avengers using the same characters but different actors playing them.

I’ve talked about the Avengers a little bit but not in great detail yet. I don’t really want to spoil too much of the story for myself. Below I’ll link the two trailers, the first one I believe is what played on TV. The other is what show up online as a longer version with a bit more footage, what cough me and made me laugh was the last bit, I have an Army.. oh yeah? We have a Hulk.