The Devil Inside (2012)

The Devil Inside (2012)

To be blunt with you, I’m not really a big fan of the ‘found footage pseudo-documentaries’ style movies, there are a few that I generally did enjoy for what they where, for example Paranormal Activity 3 (I had seen the first 2 but didn’t feel the need to write a review seeing as they where way old now). But even as bad as Paranormal Activity 3 was for that film series, The Devil Inside.. made me wish the devil was inside me, so that I could rip my eyes out.

Seriously, the weakest part of the story is that, there is no story. Here we have this young woman Isabella Rossi (Fernanda Andrade), who at the start of the movie we basically learn that her mother (Suzan Crowley) murdered three people. The two priests and the nun were at her house to perform an exorcism. As you can guess, from this point on and for the whole movie, we follow Isabella on a quest to find out why her mother killed three people.

Here is where logic really starts to hit home, and I know that when we’re talking about something like this, you need to check that at the door. But when you question things while watching this shaky camerawork and spliced first person interviews crap fest you start to ask yourself a simple question; Why the hell are they still worry about the camera?

I think that’s the weakest part of these line of movies, at yes we understand that it’s suppose to be a documentary and all but when people start to end up dead, when you’re running for you life now, I personally would drop the heavy as camera. It’s one thing like in Cloverfield where you’re maybe far away from the action not so much happening to you directly, but when the ‘devil’ has possess someone and has killed.. you might want to think. That said, this movie would have done better had to been done ‘normally’ aka not found footage crap.

Without ruining the movie, I can tell you a number of things, we have Ben (Simon Quarterman) and David (Evan Helmuth), two Catholic priests who basically have gone rogue. Their against the Church in a way, performing exorcisms in secret because they’re cases are labeled as nothing more than ‘mental illnesses’. Here is where the story gets screwy and it tries to be something more.

Here we have Isabella more or less being selfish, she wants to save her mother, she believes a demon made her do what she did, and at this point you can believe that, I wouldn’t call it the devil (would think he have better things to do). Anyways we get hints that Ben did something pretty fucked up in his past, which comes up but never is really explain to what, just as Isabella is pointed out to have had an abortion of her child because she found out she couldn’t carry it to term. Which I’m no doctor I would think that basically means the baby wouldn’t have had a change to live. It’s a question and debate if that is wrong or not.. but that’s not what this is about.

In any case, the demon inside now wants to hurt her for being a baby killer. Jumping from person to person, starting with David, where he almost drowns a baby, to then the next scene shooting his brains out. We end up with what is a lot of talking, some small, funny not at all scary moments to the ending, where basically everyone ends up dead. What a shock right? Petty much this movie follows the same plot line as every other movie of its time.

With all that said, the biggest shortcomings in the way of personalities of the characters. I really don’t care about any of them and they are all trying too hard to be funny or to make you feel sorry for them. There was one thing that this movie does that stood apart from the others of its kind, it was graphic, we see blood, we see people toss, sadly we don’t see anyone outright killed, the only shot we see of someone being murder is when David, being processed by the demon holds a gun in his mouth and shoots. Other then that, all the graphic moments are more or less aftermath shots.

I don’t recommend this movie, its pure crap it had some really good chances to be something good, the story had too much of too little of nothing. I wasn’t sure if the movie was trying to save her mouth and cast out the demon or simply to prove that demons exists and these people need help. The best part of this movie, was the trailer sadly.

To sum up everything about this movie, it’s crap, it’s stupid, it’s not scary.. it’s not even funny it doesn’t give us anything new that I haven’t seen and the ending.. well.. is that it gives you a website address saying the case unsolved and go there for more information… What? Don’t see this movie, don’t even buy it I’m sure it’ll be on YouTube at some point.. or well you know.


Death of a Community

001 community Death of a Community
I think it’s really no shocker when those of you who might come by the site would find the ‘community’ link missing or giving a 404 error now. That would be due to the fact the message board is no longer opened. So what happen? How could the forums which where so big back in the day on Majin Planet fail here? The answer to that question is pretty simple and the short answer is, this isn’t Majin Planet.

The long answer is a little bit more, my fault; in fact that’s the best way I can put it. I didn’t put enough time, effort into making the move good for everyone. I would have to say we lost a good 90% of the community by moving, a good number of people who posted on the forums I’m sure where confused as to why. The main goal of the move was to creature one community, a community that now almost 2 years going has yet to come to past.

So what happened really?

Like I stated above, the real issue came when I moved the site and stated the reasons was to save money. At the time, I was finding less and less content and reasons to post on Majin Planet forums as a whole. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but frankly the whole ‘message board’ ideal died out to me. I still enjoy reading, in fact I visit a number of forums still to this day but I don’t post anything.

I think the media has changed and I would prefer to be able to post my little ‘topics’ as a blog and have everyone post comment and create discussion this way then having it just simply fall to the waste side like it end up doing. I really do feel bad about it and I feel like I let down most if not every last member who held out to the end. I think it’s come to past, that Majin Planet is officially dead now, lost as an artifact to a time when the anime community was full of life and webmaster who help each other out.

Is there still hope?

Yes.. there is always hope that one day the community will return. But right now, the traffic to both sites, this one and Majin Planet is pretty low and I don’t see it going up for Majin Planet any time soon. I’ve lost contact with every last music video maker who made a video and most of them if not all of them likely don’t even make anime music videos anymore. I almost feel like that AMV’s have died and come down to what silly take episode to music and call it an AMV has gone to the waste side to YouTube. I think any good AMV’s are now on

However the case, I do have real fear for Majin Planet that it might have to shut down with the SOPA deal, even know the latest reports state it was put on hold.. doesn’t mean it’s dead. Even with say a new Dragon ball series to come, even Kai last year didn’t do enough for me to breathe life into the site, the horrible movie, the slow dying anime community, my lack of passion really was the nail.. but there is still hope.

There are plans to move Majin Planet into a more simple form they’ll just show the music videos and nothing more. While I like to have information, it can be found on the number of wiki sites or a simply Google search now days.

What’s in store for the future?

Right now I plan on making the final move for Majin Planet into a simple form that will be easy for me to update, as I have no plans for future Music Videos. However that doesn’t mean 100% that it wont happen. We’ll see, I really don’t have the hard drive space for clips now to be honest with you. Right now, as it comes in terms of the community my main goal is to make content again, I have some idea and I’ll hopefully get some real passion going again to write something you’ll enjoy reading.

Please take a moment and leave me a comment, maybe you found something I wrote you like to speak out about? You can always email me or use the contact form. Some times I wonder if people are even able to make comment easy. Do you have trouble making a comment? Maybe you get some sort of error message? A loud spoken community of users can get things done, even if they are small.


Truth or Fact: Why SOPA and PIPA sucks

I don’t think it really come to any shock that once again were given another Resident Evil film, this one called Resident Evil: Retribution. Seriously given up watching these films after the first one. I have yet to see the last one or the one before that. Why do you ask maybe? Well in a way to boycott films like these.. they are just out right trash.

I’m totally okay with the fact they do not in any way, shape or from follow the Resident Evil video games. I’m totally cool with the idea that they changed everything about it and ripped it from what made Resident Evil an awesome scary horror video game. I’m okay with this, what I’m not okay are movie companies putting out trash like this and then coming out and attacking the internet with the latest bills in the from of SOPA and PIPA.

So wait is this about SOPA and PIPA or Resident Evil: Retribution?
Both; the reason they go hand in hand, basically form my stand point of what I understand about the two bills, they want censorship of the internet, why do we need censorship? It’s bad enough that I can’t even enjoy TV anymore due to the massive censorship and misinformation on the news and the countless ads that play to get you to buy something you don’t need.

You may ask me, What? There is NO censorship on TV! Yes there is.. trust me.. when you watch the local or world news channels your only seeing half the picture, you only get to see what they ‘the media’ let you see. The whole reason 90% of people pirate anything is because of something very simple;

They don’t have the money
They don’t want to spend money to preview something they wont end up buying
The first one comes down to the simply fact companies out there wont pay us enough money. You can go and get a 9 to 5 job flipping burgers and in most cases be lucky to get 40 hours a week. It comes down to greed, we aren’t paid enough money to get buy, and for most people who run websites, they start off as a hobby.

I don’t get paid anything to run this site or to post anything that I do. No one pulls my arm to do it. I’m not out to destroy anyone, I’m just want to be heard. The same as all of you do. I know this, and that is the reason why, people make YouTube Videos, the reason why people take images and make silly captions on them, this is the reason why people go to such websites and download illegally. They don’t have the money!

What strikes me is many of those who are in support of SOPA and PIPA are saying that those who pirate movies, music, video games, software and steal copyright are the ones they are targeting. I doubt this, the reason is if you put out good content to start with, if you gave me another way to see movies other than going to the theaters, maybe I would pay, maybe if movies where not trash like Resident Evil: Retribution is gonna be, maybe I would. The only way I would ever watch Resident Evil: Retribution would be if I saw it for free.

In the end, if you gave us cheap, quick and useful ways to preview content without feeling we just got cheat of our hard-earned money, you would stop piracy right there. I’m willing to bet the people out there who do steal content and products to sell and make money might not if they could make the same money working a real job. Why do you think millions of people went on YouTube and try to make money? Outside of that media they are nothing but your common person, some would never be seen and you know what? I’m happy we have sites that allow these really talent people to be seen, the system you have in place right now.. keeps them form being seen because they are broke and don’t have the money otherwise.

So in closing, I like to just say that if you support SOPA and PIPA that is your business, I do not, I wouldn’t be able to write this site, I wouldn’t be able to post up my WOW videos, I wouldn’t be able to make my graphics I do, I wouldn’t be able to even try to start to be someone big on YouTube because those media outlets would disappear. Try to think of how your life was before YouTube, before Twitter, before Facebook, before MySpace.. think about your life before 1990. Because that is what will happen, I find it sort of funny that such a life changing, hell world-changing bill comes to like in 2012… go figure.