WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos (PC)

WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos is one of the coolest games I have ever played on the PC. It has a combo of great online play thou the battle net web site as well as a great quality of game play and graphics. The last WarCraft game I played was the first one which I played on my old Macintosh computer, this one a by far the funniest game I have played on the PC in a long time.

For a PC game there isn’t really much in the way of voice acting. However there is a great story mode which can be viewed using the few voice overs they have while listening to the story screens and then basic grunts you hear from the men when they are fighting. The sounds are very cool and I really love the way it was put together. It’s very cool listening to the different sounds as a lot of detail was put into the games sounds as well as the voices. For being a PC game this game has some real nice voice acting and sounds.

All I can really say about the game play is that is super cool. I really like the flow of the game and how easy it really is to get right into the game with little know how on how to play it. Like most games the first level is met to teach you how to play. Newer games have started to add tanning modes and then the main game give little or no help to playing. This game is not like that. You start off into the story mode and as you go thou it teaches you how to perform actions that will help you out in the later levels. The free play mode is super fun, when you first start it really hard to get anything going as you’re not in tune to the tricks of the game and the other team can jump on you very fast. If you’re looking for a game with super game play this is the game to play.

Most of the game can be played using either a joystick or mouse. Most players will use the mouse, while other advance controls use the keyboard. It’s very simple to play the game as all of the controls are on the screen and are easy to get to. When you first start out it can get really crazy once you have a bunch of menu and your under attack. About the first 10 times I played it I was totally run over by guys as tanning them would take forever and I have like 20 guys all over the play and before I know my guys are all dead.

The game is super fun, I can’t get enough of it. I really love playing this game. I have to say the funniest part about WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos is the online mode. Going online and chatting with people and battling it out in one on one games, tournaments and other battles. Super fun and I really love it. I am a bit waiting on going online and playing people as I’m not that good yet and I’ve been playing free play to get better so when I go online and start kicking ass. Out of all the games I’ve played on my PC this is by far the funniest game I have ever played. If you have this game I can tell you if your into this style of gaming you will have a blast.

The overall quality of the game is very high and for a PC game is really great. Not as good as maybe on a PS2 or Xbox, but for any good PC is very good. One of the things you have to worry about is the game freezing up on you. I the best way to play this game is to play it on a computer system that is built for PC gaming. Such as the Alien ware and other high-end computer systems. The sounds, game play, and story are overall good for the game.

Overall WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos is a super sweet game with lots of cool features, great action, controls and a cool free online mode. One of the biggest problems with online gaming is it cost. I mean I understand they have to keep an upkeep of the servers that run for online games but after you pay $50 bucks for the game you have to pay like another $10 to $20 bucks a month to play online. More and more free online gaming has been coming up which is good. If you’re looking for a game with cool graphics, sounds and controls and for the most part a good story, WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos is the game you need to pick up if it’s not in your PC library already.


Dragon Ball GT: Black-Star Dragonball Saga

Dragonball GT stands for Dragonball Grand Tour. The time setting is 10 year after the end of Dragonball Z. The story begins with Goku training Uub up top of Kami’s Lookout. While training The Evil Emperor Pilaf has located the mysterious Black Star Dragon Balls! Goku as always tries to stop him, take in mind some how Emperor Pilaf finds his way to the Lookout and finds the black star Dragonballs Anyway, while Emperor Pilaf summons the dragon, in which Goku has no idea this has happen, and while talking to Emperor Pilaf, he gets wished back until a 5-year-old kid. Now Goku must find the Dragon Balls with in one year or the Earth will blow up. No big deal right? This time, the Dragon Balls are all over the universe.

History of the Black Star Dragon Balls: Sometime before Dragonball starts (centuries in fact) The unknown namek comes to Earth, while there he tries to be come Kami (God of Earth). Deep with inside him he has a reason to create Dragon Balls (as namek’s have this power) So he does, the result are the black star Dragon Balls These balls where very powerful, when he was training to be the next kami, the kami before him told him before he can become kami he must get rid of his evil self. Doing so the unknown Namek, splits into King Piccolo and Kami. King Piccolo is seal up, and Kami takes the Dragon Balls (which are now inactive and don’t work) to a safe place and hides them. He than created a new set which where as powerful. Later, which the evil Cell was on Earth, Piccolo (the rebirth of King Piccolo) Refuses with Kami to form the unknown namek once again, doing so reactivate the black star dragon balls. Then years later in GT, Emperor Pilaf finds them and uses them.

Ok so now you have an idea on where these Dragon Balls came from, and why they are so powerful. So the story begins with Goku, Trunks and Pan traveling around finding these Dragon Balls In classic dragon ball fashion, the basic elements of the series are much like the first one. Not much fighting takes place in the beginning. Goku, Trunks and Pan find themselves on planet Amiga. Which is rules by the Don Kea. On this planet everything is rented out. While there they lose the Dragon Radar which a robot eats. After a quick fight with Don Kea’s bodyguard Ledgic, they escape however they are now fugitives of planet Amiga.

Now we see the first real fight of the series. Goku ends up fighting Ledgic, however he is no match for Goku. Taken in mind that Goku is only a 5 year kid here, but he kept his power. That’s one strong little guy. Also as for plot holes go, if you watch Dragonball you will remember that Goku is noted to be 11 years old in the beginning. However in GT he is only 5 yet taller than when he was 13. Makes no sense. Just wanted to point that out. OK after Kedigc gets his butt kick from one end to the other, Do Kea stops his renting system. The robot ends up merging with the radar so they take him along. They name the Robot Guru.

After a few dragon ball hunts in 3 episodes that are well a real waste of time as nothing really happens other than anything crazy. Near a point one of the Dragon Balls are stolen and Goku and the gang end down to planet Beelay home of the dangerous Doma. Goku ends up battle Doma, which he beats (Go figure). Don Para returns with his brother and they do some stupid dance attack, which does nothing more than make other dance. In which Goku and Trunks beat them. While this went on Pan and Guru are on Paras’ Ship which ends up going to planet Lude. Which Pan heads to Mutchy-Motchy’s temple, she is turn into a doll. When Goku and Trunks arrive, they kick Mutchy-Motchy’s butt.

Now here is where things get pointless. Mutchy-Motchy does some transformation which turns his whip into the Head Priest. While the battle goes on, the founder of the Lude cult shows up, his name is Doltucky. In the middle of the fight, he take Pan (who’s a doll) and uses it to bring the doll-powered robot Lude to life. Trunks kills Mutchy.

Now some people will take out of the GT this was the best fight. Well I would have to disagree with that. As most of this is just pointless. Lude fight Goku and Trunks, while this is going on someone by the name Dr. Myuu tells Doltucky to sacrifice Pan to Lude in order to give him more power. He refuses to do it, then he’s turn into a doll and Lude absorbs them both. Now that Lude is at his full power (Folks please taken in mind that Goku and Trunks haven’t even gone past Super Saiyan at this point. Taken how Trunks may not be able to go SS2, Goku and become Super Saiyan 3 has he shows later in the series as a kid, so they are just playing with him.) Trunks and Goku destroy Lude’s heart which releases the dolls. They are returned to normal and they get the dragon ball.

After that all happens, Pan ends up running away due to Trunks making remarks at her about how Goten would have been a better replacement for Pan on the trip. Doltucky is killed by one of Myuu’s henchman, Rirduo. He has been sent to capture Goku. While on the desert Planet, Guru finds Pan and they find another Dragonball. At this time, They desided to take Guru to his Home World of Planet-M2.

Now as far as the series goes, this would mark the end of the black-star dragon ball saga. At episode 15 now, which is short and as you can see nothing happens other than setting them up for the next saga which I think wasn’t done right. The Baby Saga was by far the best saga as it goes to the idea behind it. Here is my official final thought of the saga.

Which the saga starts off a little strong its crazy turn to a Dragonball style show is too much for fans who were wanting to see more action then even Dragonball Z had. While there was some funny points, and a few things that where really good. The idea of the Dragon Balls was good. Trust me it was added in, the back story of them was added in and never is seen or even talked about in Dragonball and DBZ. The fights are lame, which we don’t know this at first, but later Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan 3 while a kid, so the fights in this saga where just stupid as Goku, even Trunks could have taken care of them with little problem.