Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TMNT (2014) Movie Trailer

I have to say I’m not really shocked to see the TMNT trailer out before the 4th. That was the rumor I heard it was going to come out with Captain America the Winter Soldier. Today I just happen to be browsing YouTube and I saw that the trailer was now online, so I went ahead and watched it. You can watch the trailer at the end of this post, so if you want to jump down to watch it before reading the rest.

So the trailer starts off with a voice over talking about the city and how it’s in disarray with the crime, and everything is being destroyed. That the people want heroes, it’s at this point we learn that the voice over is speaking to April and that it’s the man who is playing Shredder in the film.

Now at this point, we all know that this is a new take on Shredder and not anything we’ve seen before. We also get shots of what looks like is going to be the foot clan, which is likely the force of the crime in the city. We see them being tossed about and then finally see the Turtles and we also learns something about the plot of the film as well.

Here is where things are getting changed and changed big time, Shredder is explaining that heroes are not born they are created, we see the ooze being made and some pretty awesome but quick shots of the turtles fighting. We learn that April’s father and Shredder were trying to create heroes.

This leaves me to believe that the Ooz was created by April’s father and Shredder, and something happened between them and April’s father was murdered. At this point I don’t we’ll have Master Splinter because of this change, but it could be that Master Splinter is April’s father. So here is what I think;

Shredder wants to use the Ooz to create something horrible but April’s father is against it so he is done away with, the turtles are then created as a mistake and Shredder is unaware of it until they show up. With this sort of setup, we could see that April’s father was supposedly killed by end up being mutated into a rat along with the turtles. For all we know, the turtles could be people and not just turtles turn into humanoids.

I’m mixed about the trailer because it looks really cool but I’m just not so set on the casting choices or the plot that the trailer put forward. Now remember that the trailer is that, that might not even be what the film is about and everything I just said could be dead wrong. I’m hoping they don’t go that route because we’ve seen it before, two men get together to create something powerful, then said partner wants to use it for evil while the other doesn’t agree. The good partner ends up dead; but is redeemed for what he created by the offsprings.

We’ve seen this in the new Spider man films, Peters Father created the spiders that bite him and his partner while not totally evil, was turn into a monster that the Peter later had to defeat.

Super Megaforce

Everything Wrong with Super Megaforce

So Power Rangers Super MegaForce has had six full episodes released now and I have to say, while I haven’t watched episode 6 yet, I’m really disappointed with this season. First off this is not a review or in any way a rant about the show, I wanted to simply point out some things I felt the could have done different with the show to make it truly legendary as this season is supposed to bring.

When I started writing this article, I was originally going to do 10 reasons, but then that became 5 as I found myself talking about multi-things together which made it a little. Finally I was able to write it up into just three things, those are however mixed with a small amount of things that I could have broken up.

For stake of not making this post too long, I didn’t go into too much detail on some points, but who knows as the season goes on I’m sure I’ll write some more things

3. Unrelated Powers; I talk a little bit more about this in the suits, but I wanted to state this as its own thing. Megaforce and Super Megaforce is just horrible, the biggest problem with the powers is they had all these zords and powers in Megaforce. Then in the first episode of Super, now all of those are just going away and we have all this new stuff that is more powerful and the best part; no reasons why.

That really got to me, that they had access to all this from the start but for some reason they are given a lesser power, I suppose had they skip the suits from Megaforce but I feel that the themes from the two sentais are too different. It worked in Mighty Morphin because they kept the same suits and more episodes to flesh out things. If I recall the first season of Power Rangers are something like 55 episodes, they had a whole lot of original footage too. I know season 2 and 3, looked a bit more chopped up between the suit fights and monsters, as you never really saw them together.

What was so great back then was their older powers were drain and became the new powers, we saw all their old zords transform into the new ones. Then those powers were destroyed and they gain new ones. But they had the same suits and we got the time to love the characters even as new rangers came in to replace old ones, the seasons were more fleshed out. While now, they hardly get 20 episodes a season which isn’t enough time for anything.

2. Ranger Suits; The fact they are using the same suits from Goseiger and then using the Gokaiger suits as a “power-up” over them really made me upset. This is the first time in the history of Power Rangers they have every done this. Do I think it worked out? No I think it was a big mistake and one that will go down as one of the biggest mistakes ever.

Why was this stupid and horrible? Well it’s simple, the Gokaiger suits are nothing like the Gokaiger which are pirate theme, something they just have failed to explain, and they won’t I don’t think. What bugs me about this, is while they could have really come with an amazing storyline for space pirates here, they just didn’t take that chance and went with something so boring.

After the first episode we’ve seen that there is basically no reason for them to ever use the megaforce stuff again as they clearly pointed out in the first episode that their new super mega mode is way more powerful. That’s not even counting that once in this mode they can use the ranger keys to transform into past seasons and then some.

What tops it all over, is the fact we see later that they can morph right into that super powered up mode without ever using their megaforce morph. So why even bother to keep it? If they really were so set on this, they could have very easily made it so they lost their powers and had to then use a legendary power.

How I would have handle it, was they’re powers were destroyed, nothing new or big here we’ve seen it happen before. Then just give them the new powers and just tell them they have a limited time they can be use, to explain why they didn’t get them in the first place. Then near then near the end of the season, after they win, etc he powers are drained and have to be place back to recharge again.

1. Casting; Why they decided to keep the same cast from megaforce is beyond me. I’ll be honest, it’s pretty clear that the characters are not the same from Megaforce. The problem comes from using new sentai footage, the personality and characters of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger are very different from Tensou Sentai Goseiger which Megaforce was base off.

Basically what’s happen because they choose to keep the same cast of characters, but changed the suits; they didn’t go well with the change to the personality of the rangers when in suits. You can see this clash with the blue ranger and red rangers most. The red ranger has become way more bland and boring while the blue has become cooler as some might say. This would not had been an issue had they make this that way from Megaforce, but then that would have clashed with that sentai footage as well.

Personally I think they should have gone with another cast and setting for Super Megaforce than following the plot of the past season. I seriously could go on forever why this was a bad choice, which is why it’s the number one thing wrong with this season.

To be honest there was a bunch of things I could have talk about, it comes down to one simple thing; They should have made the season long, given a bit more arch time to build up, I mean the six ranger is showing up in the 7th episode, really strange and you know they’ve given up explaining the changes to things which is really disappointing to me.

HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft

HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft

Today I want to talk a little bit about a game called, HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft. This is a sort of first impression and a review of the game which was officially launched a few days ago. HearthStone is a card game, not a trading card game because as far as I can tell there is no way to trade your cards you earn to other players. You can buy packs either with real money or you can win packs by doing daily quests you’re given to do each day which give you gold. It’s 100 gold for one standard pack of five cards.

Honestly if you’re a fan of Warcraft then you’re going to love this game, the only reason I would see someone not liking the game is the fact it’s a card game. Basically you build a deck of 30 cards with a 2 card limit per card and a 1 card limit of special cards which are pretty awesome.

I started playing a few months back in the beta, I played for a few days here and there, did all the intro quests to beat each of the classes to be unlocked. I didn’t put too much time or effort into it for a good number of reasons. The first reason was lack of time, I was playing World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 and well working almost everyday. Plus I run my websites and just general time to myself and my girlfriend.

Beta’s are generally deleted and all your progress is removed when the game goes live. This has been the case ever beta I’ve ever been apart of, not with HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft. I was shocked to find out that when I login just to see what was added since I last played over a month and half ago, that all my progress, cards were still there. That made it really awesome that I didn’t have to start over and now wish I had put more effort into getting more cards early on.

The game is free to play, you can freely play this game without paying any money but if you’re looking to really move up in rank play you’re gonna have to buy cards which are about the same price of any other card game out there. For me I found that making a deck was easy because I understand basics of any card game, I’ve played Magic the Gathering for years, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon and Dragonball Z TCG back in the day so I know what a deck is all about and I know how to create combos.

How well this game will do remains to be seen, it’s free so anyone can download it and play if you have a battle.net account. I can’t wait until they come out with the app versions, which at BlizzCon last year in 2013 they stated that HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft will be on IOS and Android so hopefully I’ll get this baby on my phone. It’ll likely be one of those game that only work on a tablet, like the Magic 2014 is but I did get it on my phone, the S4 but it’s really slow.

That’s all I have for right now about HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft, it’s a fun game, it can be one of those games that you won’t be able to get high ranks due to people spending loads of money but if you just need a few hours to kill on a low-key game, then HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft is for you.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I’ve written a review about the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) and to be honest with you, it was pretty amazing. I really loved it, for some fans of the animated series, they might have been confused because they base the film off the comic books and not the animated cartoon that was out in the 80s and 90s.

The comic book is darker and the story of Master Splinter is really dark and there is a number of different elements that don’t take place in the cartoon which most people are aware of. The rebooted cartoons are much closer to the comics with some nods to the original cartoon. But the new TMNT film coming out has me both thrilled and worried at the same time.

I’m not going to go on ranting about the changes they made or choices of actors and actress they’ve chosen. Besides the whole Michael Bay thing, which let me point out to the Michael Bay haters out there, I don’t hate the guy, I really dislike what he did with the Transformers films storyline, but I’m really happy about what he did for the looks, people seem to forget that he is quoted to saying that he wasn’t even paid for the first film as he gave that money to make the transformers more real looking.

That being said, the only thing that Michael Bay really has to do with the film is the fact that Platinum Dunes is being produced by them and Nickelodeon Movies. So honestly I don’t think if the film fails it’ll be his fault. That being said also, the choices of casting and story changes might.

Megan Fox was the first one that got me really rolling my eyes. I’ll be honest, I don’t think she’s that hot, in fact she doesn’t look that sexy to me. Also I think acting wise, she’s horrible and was the worst part of two Transformer films she was in acting wise. She’s playing April which is just.. I don’t know how to think of that, given that she’s gonna be in most of the film due to being a main character.

William Fichtner, let me first say that he’s an amazing actor, I love the guy can I can’t even think of a film I’ve seen with him that I didn’t like. That being said, him playing The Shredder was one of those huh moments. Honestly I thought it was some internet rumor, but it’s true. Then the first nail hit, I can forget all about that Shredder is supposed to be Asian, but when Fichtner revealed to screenrant that the Shredder won’t be called as Oroku Saki, but as Eric Sachs. I along with every other fan sort of went what?

Now I’m not sure what they are doing here, sure I can understand changing things to make it fresh. I’m not aware if in the comics if another person has been given the title of Shredder or not. Now if they reveal in the film that this is later in the Turtle’s story and this is a new guy taking on the title of Shredder, okay. If they reveal that the original Shredder was Oroku Saki and is now dead. That’s totally cool with me, because I’m pretty sure that he did die in the comics.

That’s why I’m not totally upset and unlike other fans who are going to rant about it. The news I’ve read that the first trailer will hit with Captain America the Winter Soldier which I’m already planning on seeing as soon as I can so no big deal. The two things I’m worried about is the story and the look.

In 1990, the Turtles looked real and amazing, now I’ve seen set photos of the actors out in black and grey motion capture suits that are supported to capture their movement so they can make the turtles look more real in post. I believe they did the same thing for Ironman (half of him) and Hulk. If they look horrible or too fake I’ll be upset, the biggest thing is the story, I’m totally fine with this reboot not being some origin story or even a retelling of it.

Will I be seeing it? Um yeah I’m gonna see it even if the trailer looks horrible. I’m a big fan, I watched all of them and the original cartoons back in the day and even some of the newer one. I read the comics for a time and collected them, I even owned all the original TMNT toys from both the cartoon and movies back in the day.


Heroes Reborn

I remember when Heroes first aired on the TV in 2006, to be honest with you I wasn’t that all into it. I never was into TV shows that much back in those days and honestly still aren’t but it was about 2 or so years later, in the middle of the 3rd season I believe that I picked up the show on Netflix simply to make my brother happy.

You see my brother would not let it go that it was an amazing show, it was pretty bold claim to say it was better than what I had been reading. But most of the bad news I read was base off the horrible writers strike which I hate for a number of reasons. I hated it due to the whole Dragonball Evolution came to be due to it. Another subject however, and not worth really getting into.

So anyways I decide to watch the first three seasons and I have to tell you that Heroes became my new favorite show, it was amazing and I loved the characters, it was like watching a TV version of Marvel comics to be honest. That being said, while the plot of season 2 and 3 weren’t bad, they were when you compared it to season one are horrible and I can honestly understand why no one likes season 4. Honestly there was so much wrong plot wise that I couldn’t even get into it.

I don’t blame the actors, they are getting paid and have to generally do what they are told and in most cases have very little creative control over what happens to their characters and story. You can also argue it was all the writers fault, the first season was like a well written book. Heck it’s hard to even believe that something so amazing was even written for TV.

The writers strike that happen which limited the seasons after cause so much of a problem that the rating dropped. I would have rather they just put the show on hold and not even tried to do a season after season 2 but you know when you take that into account and the fact NBC didn’t think that the show was worth the money, that was the big kill for the show.

Less money means less special effects and less money to the writers which means poor story all around. So when I saw it on Facebook first that NBC is going to bring Heroes back called Heroes Reborn I have some questions in mind.

Two things in mind honestly.

First NBC is hurting for a good show these days and are hoping for lightning to strike twice with Heroes other than just coming up with something new and cool(er) on TV.

The other reason is NBC is hoping to jump into the superhero ordeal, such as ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but honestly you could say that shows not really doing that great giving the track record of Marvel. But I have to also remember that NBC now and the NBC from 2010 are not the same, not much different but powers at be which limited Heroes budget in the first place.

Special effects are cheaper these days and also they might have learned their lesson that what killed Heroes story in the first place and issue with plot was because they couldn’t just do a fight like they did in season 1 or showcase powers as often or even bring in something totally new. That all cost money and as a writer and a fan understand that money is everything.

So the question is, will Heroes Reborn be another hit or will it just be a sad reboot of the series that we’ll be talking about years later as a sad attempt by NBC?